All Things Bailey’s

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The winter weather is finally upon us! The weather is changing, which means what you drink is changing as well. as the cold weather approaches, people look towards cocktails that will warm them up. Perhaps something infused with coffee, or hot chocolate? You can see where we’re going…when you think of mixing something with those two- you think of Bailey’s!

Boones Wine and Spirits is delighted to have an extensive and impressive collection of Baileys Irish Cream. From the classics that appear year-round, to the seasonal‘s and everything in between, you can find it at Boones.

Here are some of the staples that you can find on our shelves-

Bailey’s Original Irish Cream

“This is where it all began! Original Irish Cream blends Irish whiskey and spirits with Irish dairy cream and a touch of rich chocolate and vanilla flavors. Pour over ice cream, mix into coffee, or enjoy it with ice for an originally delish Baileys moment.”

Bailey’s Almande
“We’ve always believed treating should be open to everyone, dairy-free or not. Baileys Almande is the perfect nutty indulgence, blending classic Irish whiskey with vegan-friendly almond and vanilla. Whip into chai or add a nutty twist to desserts for a delectable vegan treat.”

Bailey’s Salted Caramel
“It’s Baileys, but not as you know it. We’ve stirred the smoothest caramel into our original recipe and finished it off with a pinch of salt for a perfect sweet and salty mix that goes impossibly well over cake or a few ice cubes.”

Bailey’s Strawberries & Cream
“A blend of deliciously ripe strawberry and vanilla flavors.”

Bailey’s Espresso Crème
“A bold dark roast coffee aroma with chocolate.”You can find many other seasonal options in all different sized bottles at Boone’s! Find smaller bottles behind the counter, otherwise the Bailey’s will be right on your left if you enter on the left door of the store!!

Bailey’s Apple Pie , Bailey’s Deliciously Light, and Bailey’s Limited Edition S’mores are also on the shelves! Come and snag ’em while we got ’em!