Hot Drinks for this Cold Weather

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Hey, friends! We have got some coldddddd days on the horizon, and we’ve got just the thing to keep you warm – some simple, casual hot drinks! As the temperature drops, swing by Boone’s Wine & Spirits for all your liquor needs and let’s get cozy.

1. Hot Irish Coffee: Classic Comfort
Brew your favorite coffee, add some Irish whiskey, and top it off with whipped cream. Easy as pie.
•Freshly brewed coffee
•Irish whiskey
•Whipped cream

2. Bailey’s Hot Chocolate: Sweet Indulgence
Mix your hot chocolate with a little whiskey and some Bailey’s Irish Cream. Throw in some marshmallows if you’re feeling fancy.
•Hot chocolate mix
•Bailey’s Irish Cream
•1/2 oz Irish Whiskey
•Marshmallows (optional)

3. Kahlua Mocha: Coffee, But Better
Brew your coffee, toss in a shot of Kahlua, and finish it off with chocolate syrup. Your regular coffee just got an upgrade.
•Freshly brewed coffee
•Chocolate syrup

4. Spiced Rum Apple Cider: Winter in a Cup
Heat up your apple cider, add some spiced rum, and throw in a cinnamon stick. Simple and satisfying. You could also throw a shot of spiced rum or whiskey in here if you’re feeling crazy!
•Apple cider
•Spiced rum
•Cinnamon stick
•Spiced rum or whiskey (optional)

Stay warm this winter with these fuss-free, casual warm drinks. Boone’s Wine & Spirits – because winter should be easy and enjoyable. Swing by and let’s make your winter nights a bit cozier. Cheers! 🥃 🔥