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My dog Boone was a friend and companion for 15 years. He was a half Black Lab and half English Setter. He traveled North America with me, “Boone Style.” Not once did he stop himself from a new adventure. He traveled tens of thousands of miles, rafted, tubed, fished, loved sledding, hiked, camped, swam, swam, and swam some more and loved meeting new creatures. He was always up for something new, and went looking for it every day of his life.

We traveled from Vancouver to Toronto, Canada down to Washington State to Key West and all the parts in between. We left Michigan in 1976 in a 1968 VW van. All things were possible. Boone took ownership of the passenger seat immediately. Sitting tall and proud, he would “whoooo” when he wanted the visor down, bark when he needed to go and dance when it was time to stop and smell the daisies. He loved the backcountry and wilderness the best, but had no issues with the many homes of friends and family we enjoyed along the way. Some of these stays were extended as I would find a job and go to school for a semester and Boone would always make the best of it. Whether he sweet “whooed” a neighbor into regular afternoon treats or walks, he always seemed to be having a great time, his way. Boone was human-like in so many ways. I think if he was, he would have drunk dark beer, had rich red wine with dinner, and would have sipped on cognac in the evening.

Rest In Peace My Friend

Beverly Barnes, owner