All About Gray’s Peak Spirits

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If you’ve been to Boone’s, then you’ve definitely seen Gray’s Peak Spirits on our shelves! Whether it’s the original Vodka, Meyer Lemon Vodka, or the Gin, Gray’s Peak is easily one of our best sellers! The original Vodka is an American-made vodka that has the classic, awesome taste that is often compared to Tito’s…but at a fraction of the cost! The Vodka is made by Prestige Beverage Group and pulls the purest water from Northern Minnesota, that is then enhanced and filtered using a reverse osmosis filtration system! Their vodka is distilled from grain, and carries a 40% ABV. The distillers describe it as having a soft and mild mouthfeel which a touch of sweetness that only comes from one of the highest grades of corn.

Enjoy this heavily-awarded vodka on the rocks or in a cocktail! Pour over ice and top with a quality club soda or tonic water, and garnish with a lemon slice! If you really want to beef up the citrus flavor, buy the Meyer Lemon Vodka instead!

Gray’s Peak is often compared to Tito’s – give it a shot!