OTR Cocktails

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OTR (On the Rocks) Cocktails are here!

OTR Ready to drink cocktails are absolutely changing the game. Taking quality ingredients and mixing them with high-quality spirits, all in a bottle in which you can pour over ice or enjoy straight- if you haven’t tried these new innovations, you need to! 

The OTR founders say that after “many a flight and hotel room” they decided to bring premade, bar-quality cocktails to the clear skies and night stays. The goal is to bring a new kind of cocktail experience to the masses, while maintaining the craftsmanship that you would find at your local favorite bar! 

We have multiple options for On the Rocks cocktails at Boone’s Wine & Spirits, so let’s go over them! Maybe it’ll get you to come and try some out! 😃  The Cosmopolitan: A wildly popular cocktail, The Cosmopolitan is a simple cocktail with a big history. Often referred to as ‘the cosmo’ this cocktail blends vodka, flavors of cranberry, triple sec, lemon zest, and lime. Made With Effen Vodka. The Old Fashioned: Staying true to the original recipe, we keep our Old Fashioned strong and simple using a generous pour of Knob Creek® Bourbon Whiskey, bitters, cane sugar, orange, cherry, and lemon zest.

The Daquiri: Classic Daiquiri made with a blend of Cruzan Rum, Lime Juice & Simple Syrup On The Rocks Cocktails was crafted to rise to your occasion and bring the bar you. Premium spirits, natural ingredients, cane sugar sweetened, preservative-free bottled cocktails. Simply pour over ice and serve.

The Aviation: A throwback to the era when airplanes were brand new. This classic gin cocktail, The Aviation, is crafted with Larios London Dry Gin, and flavors of dry cherry, lemon, and violet.

The Mai Tai: As the old tiki adage goes, ‘what one rum can’t do, three rums can’. We blend light and dark rums and combine our unique blend with flavors of orange, pineapple, orgeat, and coconut for the perfect Mai Tai.