Whiskey Enhanced By It’s Own Metallica Playlist

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Put Blackened in your list of “must-trys”!

Blackened Whiskey: each batch of Blackened is enhanced by its own Metallica playlist, selected and arranged by the band members themselves. You heard that right – whiskey that is sonically enhanced during finishing! As the music plays, the whiskey moves and interacts inside the barrel creating a variety of colors and flavor profiles for each batch.

Blackened is the new super-premium whiskey collaboration from Master Distiller Dave Pickerell and Metallica. A blend of hand-selected bourbons & ryes with an average age of 8+ years uniquely finished in black brandy casks and the earth-shattering music of Metallica.

The batch 096 (for this particular bottle) was selected and arranged by Kirk Hammett.

  1. Overkill
  2. Phantom Lord
  3. Too Late Too Late
  4. Stone Dead Forever
  5. The Call if Ktulu
  6. To Live is To Die
  7. Enter Sandman

Swing into Boone’s to try it out! Or order online here.