Whispering Angel Wine is Calling Your Name

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It’s summer which means it’s Rosé season! One of our most popular Rosé’s are now in stock in THREE different sizes at Boone’s! Whispering Angel is from Caves d’Esclans made with grape from the Chateau d’Esclans, and is viewed as one of the foremost largely produced Rosé wines on the market! The grapes are handpicked and then mechanically harvested! The grapes are then sorted carefully using characteristics such as shape, size and color.

The tasting notes on this incredibly popular wine are peach, cherry and white raspberry, while offering a dry, smooth and creamy finish making this a perfect summer wine!

“Whether you are relaxing by the beach, on a yacht, or in the mountains during “après ski”, Château d’Esclans rosés are a light and refreshing accompaniment to any destination. Whispering Angel is today’s worldwide reference for Provence rosé.” (Wine.com)